Current Moment Study

Readings I am doing with Unity and Struggle about the current moment.

Theorie Communiste, “The Present Moment

Sic, “The Historical Production of the Revolution of the Current Period”

Blaumachen, The Era of Riots

Theorie Communiste, “Normative Essence and the Communist Essence”

Gilles Dauve and Karl Nesic, Love of Labour?

Loren Goldner, The Historical Moment that Produced Us

End Notes, Misery and Debt

End Notes, Holding Pattern

Robert Brenner, “Overproduction not Financial Collapse is the Heart of the Crisis”

Passa Palavra, “Balance Sheet and Prognosis”

Mouvement Coummuniste, “An Historic Compromise Over a Democratic Insurrection”

Juan Conatz, “Class Struggle in China and Beyond”

Mouvement Communiste, “Workers Autonomy Strikes in China”

TPTG, “The Ivory Tower of Theory”


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